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60 SMD Power 3528, Strip LED Light, Orange 12 V DC


Use our waterproof, Orange LED strip lights for decor and mood lighting, to illuminate and shape figures, stuccos, mouldings. The orange LED strip light has the advantage of easy applicability: cut them to the adequate size at every 50 mm or after 3 LED units, and solder the pieces together with wires at the splicing points. If you wish to cut and re-connect the LED strip lights without hassle, our solder-less LED connectors are the solution for you. We recommend using our DC12V stabilised power supply.

If you need help with choosing the right power supply, do not hesitate to contact us.

The orange LED strip light is produced in 5 meter reels and is available by the metre The LED strip light is also available in bright white , warm white, red , blue and green colours. To assure the lifespan of the strip light, use it up to 12 hours a day.

This LED strip is not provided with adhesive tape, due to its waterproof quality. Instead, we recommend fixing the strip with silicone used in bathrooms and kitchens, but applying cable clips is also a stable mode of fixing. With each metre of strip light purchased, we send 4cable clips for FREE.

Recommendation: The 60 SMD Power 3528 LED strip light is suitable for decor and mood lighting: apply it in promotion design, illuminating letters, stuccos, behind mouldings and around edges of expanded ceilings. The product operates at 12V DC (11-13V) or batteries, so it is suitable for caravans, cars and boats.

Please note: Electronic transformers are not suitable for LED strip lights, we strongly recommend using our water proof LED power supplies .

Flexible LED strip lights are flexible only to one dimension, so do not twist, turn to the side or step on them, as that may break the wires inside!

The cutting of the 3528 SMD LED module and its preparation for the splicing is shown in the pictures below:

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Product Description

Number of LEDs and type: 60pcs, 3528 SMD LED/metre
Power consumption: 4.8 W
Size: 10 mm wide, 3 mm thick
Luminous flux: 140lumen
Colour: orange
IP rating: IP67, indoor and outdoor use
Life span: 30 000 hours
Beam angle: 120°
IP rating: IP65, indoor and outdoor use
Lifespan: 30 000 hours
Beam angle: 120
Operating temperature: -20°C to +40C°
Voltage: 12V DC constant voltage
Dimmable: Only with our LED Dimmers!
Sensitivity to vibration: No
Sensitivity to frequently switching affect: No
UV radiation: No
IR radiation: No
Recommended power supply: DC12V LED driver/power supply
Warranty: 24 months

Additional Information

Weight 60.0000 lbs


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