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4 High Power LED, 382/BA15s/1156 Indicator Light Bulb, White


4x1W high power LED BA15S light bulb, bright white. This LED light bulb emits a diffused light on 180° beam angle.

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Product Description

This BA15S/1156 high power LED bulb can beused in 12V DC systems with BA15S fittings or as for lights and stop/tail lights.The light emitted is a bright, cold white colour and has a great brilliance. LEDlights are shock and vibration resistant, which is a major advantage for carapplications. The lights are also cool running, and therefore do not distortlense covers on cars. LED lights are the most energy-saving lights with anextremely long lifespan of 30 000 hours. In newer vehicles the engine management system might warn that you have a blown bulb. This is due to the low resistance of LED lights, so to avoid warning, you might need to include a resistor kit in he system. The same 4 High Power BA15S light isalso available in amber and red colours.

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