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12 SMD Power 3528 G4 LED Light, Side Pin, Bright White 12V DC


The 12V LED G4 light bulb is perfect for small local lighting, cabinet and desk lighting, to replace 15W halogen G4 light bulbs. The LED G4 is recommended for both, home and commercial use. Due to the SMD LEDs’ technology the G4 LEDs benefit from the 120° beam angle, therefore can illuminate a considerably large area from a short (0.3-0.5m) distance too. (For LED drivers please visit our LED power supply menu.)

Recommendation: G4 LED light is recommended to replace any 15W halogen capsule G4 light bulbs for illuminating objects and areas from a short distance, where 12V DC is available; it can be run form DC12V batteries too. The product can be run on batteries as well, so it can be used in cars, trailers/caravans, boats, yachts or ships.

Please note: Electronic transformers are not suitable for LED lighting, we strongly recommend using our water proof LED power supplies..

Economical calculations: Using a 10W halogen capsule light bulb(G4) over the lifespan period of 30.000 hours consumes 300KWh energy worth of £36.00 (based on electricity cost of 12p/KWh) while using a0.8W 12 SMD LED G4 light consumes only 24KWh energy worth of £2.88(based on electricity cost of 12p/KWh).

The overall saving based on a 30.000 hours lifespan and electricity cost of 12p/KWh is £33.12 on each light by simply replacing your conventional lighting with G4 LED lights.

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Product Description

Number of LEDs and type: 12 pcs of 3528 SMD LED
Power consumption: 0.8 W
Measurements: 20mm diameter, 8 mm thick
Luminous flux: 35 lumen
Colour: cold white
IP rating: IP40, indoor use
Lifespan: 30 000 hours
Beam angle: 120
Operating temperature: -20°C to +40C°
Voltage: DC 12V (10-15V), constant voltage
Dimmable: Not
Polarity sensitive: No
Sensitivity to vibration: No
Sensitivity to frequently switching affect: No
UV radiation: No
IR radiation: No
Recommended power supply: DC12V LED driver/power supply
Warranty: 24 months

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