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20 SMD Power 5050, GU10 LED Spot Light, Warm White 230 V


Description: The warm white 20 SMD Power 5050 GU10 light has a brilliance enough for a main source of lighting. Its yellowish, sunlight-like colour is somewhat less brilliant than the bright white version, but still can replace 40-35W halogen lights where a wide beam angle is advantageous. This light is suitable for commercial use as well, since it can be used up to 10-12 hours a day. Its size and shape is what a conventional spot light has with a standard GU10 fitting, and fits into any standard GU10/230V fix, movable  or tilting housing or downlighter. For extra safety, the SMD LED GU10 light comes with a clear glass cover, therefore the LEDs are not directly exposed.

Recommendation: The GU10/230V 5050 SMD LED light emits a diffused light, and has a 120°, a quite wide beam angle, which makes it suitable for illuminating larger areas even from a short distance. The warm white version has a yellowish, somewhat less bright light, compared to the bright white light. Use it for general lighting, or to illuminate objects, pictures, cabinets, worktop, etc. with a diffused light.


Economical calculations: Using a 40W halogen spot over the lifespan period of 30.000 hours consumes 1.200KWh energy worth of £144.00 (based on electricity cost of 12p/KWh), while using a 4W 20 SMD LED spotlight consumes only 120KWh energy worth of £14.40. The overall saving, based on a 30.000 hours lifespan and electricity cost of 12p/KWh, is £129.60 on each light, which can be achieved simply by replacing your conventional lighting with GU10 LED lights.

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Product Description

Number of LEDs: 20pcs of 5050 SMD LED
Power Consumption: 4W
Voltage: AC 230V
Luminous flux: 245lm
Colour: cold white 5500 – 6000K
Dimensions: 50/55/50mm
Type of fitting: GU10/230V
Type of lens: Clear glass
IP rating: IP40 (can be used outdoor in combination with IP65 rated fittings or downlighters)
Lifespan: 30.000 hours
Beam Angle: 120°
Operating temperature: from -20C/4F to +40C/104F
Dimmable: Not
Sensitivity to vibration: No
Sensitivity to frequently switching affect: No
UV radiation: No
IR radiation: No
Warranty: 24 months

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