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20 Low Power 5 mm, GU10 LED Spot Ligh, Blue 230 V


The blue, GU10/230V 20 LEDs spotlighting is ideal for creating decor or mood lighting, ornament andtask lighting. Its main advantage is its 1W power consumption.Combining different coloured spots, you can achieve mood lightingeffects. Using LED spots, you can create various figures, shapes, etc.The LED spot`s sizes equal to the conventional halogen spots and it can be fitted to expanded ceilings, fix, movable and/or tiltingdownlighters.

Economical calculations: Using a 10W incandescent light bulbover the lifespan period of 30.000 hours consumes 300KWh energy whileusing a 1W 20 LED spotlight consumes only 30KWh energy. Therefore, youcan save a huge amount of money simply by replacing your conventionallighting with LED lighting.

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Product Description

Number of LEDs: 20pcs of 5mm LED
Power Consumption: 1W
Voltage: AC 230V
Luminous flux: 25lm
Colour: blue
Dimensions: 50/55/50mm
Type of fitting: GU10/230V
IP rating: IP40 (can be used outdoor in combination with IP65 rated fittings or downlighters)
Lifespan: 30.000 hours
Beam Angle: 25-30°
Operating temperature: from -20C/4F to +40C/104F
Dimmable: Not
Sensitivity to vibration: No
Sensitivity to frequently switching affect: No
UV radiation: No
IR radiation: No
Type of lens: Clear glass
Warranty: 24 months

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