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20 Low Power 5 mm, B22 GLS Bulb LED Light, Warm White 230 V


Our entry level B22/230V light bulb contains 20 low power diodes, and is ideal for mood or decor lighting in your home. With the power consumption as low as 1W, it can easily replace 10W incandescent Bayonet cap light bulbs with a simple twist and turn movement. This LED light has a standard fitting and GLS bulb shape, there for it is interchangeable with its incandescent version.

Recommendation: The 20 Low Power 5mm, B22 GLS LED light bulb is primarily suitable for creating mood lighting in your home. Its light emission equals a 10W incandescent light\'s, it can illuminate small areas or can be used for decorative purposes or signalling light at corners or staircases of your home.

Economical calculations: Using a 10W incandescent light bulb over the lifespanperiod of 30.000 hours consumes 300KWh energy worth of £36.00 (based onelectricity cost of 12p/KWh), while using a 1W LED light bulb consumes only30KWh energy worth of £3.60.

The overall saving, based on a 30.000 hours lifespan and electricity cost of 12p/KWh, is£32.40 on each light, which can be achieved simply by replacing your conventional lighting with LED light bulbs.

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Product Description

Number of LEDs: 20pcs of 5mm LED
Power Consumption: 1W
Voltage: AC 230V 50/60mh
Luminous flux: 25lm
Colour: warm white
Dimensions: 60/110/55mm
Type of fitting: B22/230V
IP rating: IP40 (can be used outdoor in combination with IP65 rated fittings or downlighters)
Lifespan: 30.000 hours
Beam Angle: Deffused
Operating temperature: from -20C/4F to +40C/104F
Dimmable: Not
Sensitivity to vibration: No
Sensitivity to frequently switching affect: No
UV radiation: No
IR radiation: No
Type of lens: Pearl glass
Warranty: 24 months

Additional Information

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